• Public Policy Analysis

    We provide in-depth research, analysis, and risk assessments of current health care initiatives and proposed legislations.

  • Strategic Messaging

    We formulate effective communications, tailored to resonate with leaders in Congress and the executive branch.

  • Coverage, Coding & Payment Representation

    We help develop and implement strategies that will impact the factors that determine reimbursement.

  • Alliance Development & Coalition Building

    We identify and connect stakeholders with like-minded interests to facilitate consensus-building around key issues.

  • Risk Assessment

    We offer critical analysis of the impact of legislative and regulatory polices to determine areas of potential risk, as well as future opportunities.

NHA is affiliated with the law firm of Epstein Becker & Green, P.C., which has a health care and life sciences legal practice that is among the nation’s largest.

EBG Advisors

EBG Advisors, Inc. is a Washington, D.C. based consultancy that takes a multi-disciplinary approach to helping health care and life sciences companies navigate the many obstacles that they face.